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Can I use a stylus pen such as a Wacom tablet with Scribblar?

Yes, absolutely. On Mac computers these pens usually work out of the box. On Windows computers they sometimes require some changes to the settings. Read on to find out more.

When the option "press and hold" for right click is activated in Windows 7 (pen and touch settings) the cursor always hangs for the first second of drawing a line - it appears to "wait" for the right click; this can be observed by a small circle appearing at that moment.
Drawing short lines very fast will fail that way. 

You can fix this by disabling this option to produce a really smooth writing. Even hitting the tablet with the pen very quickly produces a point or short stroke, just as you would expect.
This setting can be found under Control Panel > Hardware and Sound > Pen and Touch Input > Pen Options

This and other tips to improve pen input performance can be seen in the video below.