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Does scribblar support different user roles and what are they?

Scribblar users are logged onto a room under a specific role which includes Particpant, Moderator and Admin. Each role gives that user certain default capabilities when that user enters a scribblar room.

These roles are as follows. (see image below)

Guest (role 10)
No access to any tools including chat, audio or any other tools. The user has a kind of 'watch mode' until an Admin grants permission by clicking the icons next to the user's name or upgrading their role.

Participant (role 20)
Like a Guest this role has no access to any tools, audio or any other tools. Access to text chat. 

Participant (role 30)
No access to audio when entering the room. Has access to the chat and board, access to all drawing tools on the right but only limited access to the top toolbar (can only access the 8 left-most buttons plus the pointer). Full access to assets tab.

Participant (role 40)
Same as Participant 30 but access to audio and all of the top toolbar apart from clear page and clear all pages.

Moderator (role 50)
Same as Participant 40 but access to all of the top toolbar tools.

Admin (role 100)
Same as Moderator but can also toggle access to chat, board and audio to/from users by clicking icons next to their names in the userlist (see image below).
Can also promote/demote users from role to role during a session and can kick users out of a room (kicking is available on paid plans only).