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I'd like to offer tutoring services on my own website. Can Scribblar provide such functionality?

Yes, absolutely.
We offer a plan called scribblar Pro for commercial tutors and educational institutions. It is used by tutoring providers around the world with great success.

White label
Scribblar Pro gives you the ability to add your own logo and color scheme to the scribblar user interface. All scribblar branding is removed and the system will look like it is your own and part of your website. 

API access
Scribblar Pro offers access to our API and allows for a tight integration between your own website and the scribblar system. This makes the user experience between your own site and the scribblar platform seamless.

Wordpress plugin
If you run a Wordpress based website we can provide a scribblar plugin for Wordpress which makes working with our API really easy. You can create rooms and users right from within Wordpress, and through the addition of other plugins you can easily add payment or scheduling facilities to your site.

LTI options for LMS
For educational institutions we can offer an LTI compatible integration option which provides direct access to scribblar rooms from within all major LTI compliant Learning Management Systems including Moodle, Canvas, Desire2Learn, Blackboard and many others. 
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